The Story

The current city lighting system that leaves many areas uncovered induces unsafe perceptions and instigates crimes. The addition of ubiquitous surveillance is an intrusion on privacy and does not take real-time actions. The cold, lifeless light shines in the darkness, trapping people in the solitude of silence. These absences motivated us to create Twinkle - a luminous transformative creature inhabits on light posts. They are curious aerial animals attracted by human activities. During daytime, they rest on urban light posts, expanding their solar panels for charging. At night, they interact with individuals walking on the street in their own way based on their distinct personalities. Twinkles are indirect solutions for improving urban safety without surveillance. We envisage a future that appliance goes beyond machine and becomes a companion with us.







Principal Designer: Honghao Deng & Jiabao Li

Business Development: Sebastian Birolini, Antonio Surace, Elisabetta Besana, Alessandra Tedone

Diagram Illustrations: Molly Ho (twinkle 2.0)

Advisor: Allen Sayegh , Stefano Andreani